Dried Prune

Preserved fruit is made of fresh fruit through peeling, coring, sugar boiled, soaking, drying and packaging and other major processes, bright and transparent, dry surface, slightly sticky, water content below 20 %. There are many kinds of preserved fruit, famous traditional products are preserved apple, preserved sour, preserved apricot, preserved pear, preserved peach, preserved Taiping fruit, green plum, hawthorn, cortex moutan, etc.

brief introduction
Preserved fruit, also known as preserves, is made of peach, apricot, plum, jujube or wax gourd, ginger and other fruits and vegetables as raw materials, with sugar or honey pickled and processed into food. In addition to serving as snacks or snacks directly, candied fruit can also be used on cakes, cookies and other snacks as an ornament. Preserved fruit was invented by kitchens in the Ming dynasty. Beijing and Taiwan are important producers of preserves.
The preserved fruit is fine in material selection and processing, so the product has good color and luster, positive taste and soft and refreshing taste. Color from light yellow to orange, oval, not broken not bad, not sugar, not sticky hand, soft to eat, sweet and sour taste. The preserved fruit produced in the suburbs of Beijing is complete in shape, transparent in color and luster, rich in meat quality, soft in texture, sweet and sour and delicious, rich in original fruit flavor and high in nutritional value.

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