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Scarf is around the neck of the strip, triangle, square and other fabrics, fabrics generally use wool, cotton, silk, modal, rayon, acrylic, polyester, etc., usually in warm, also can be worn because of beautiful, clean or religious.

Folding temperament type
Simple scarf around the way one by one, around the neck, if the scarf material is soft enough, can be properly around the delicate, will bring a kind of " European fan" feeling.
Folding Wen Ya type
The scarf diagonal fold neatly, into a triangle shape, leave the corner in front, also can use scarf buckle fixed.
Folding reduction type
In dress is too monotonous, need to decorate, scarf is not a kind of best choice, simple neat, hanging in the neck, can decorate, and can resist the cold air conditioning brings filar silk cool.

Scarf brings many memories of autumn, wool woven warm card sentimentally attached, of course, there is a autumn street, waving beautiful silk. Scarf is the symbol of the family temperament is surprisingly elegant, no matter silk scarves or long scarf can do very delicate. Winding, thus tenderness; Close to the neck, so charming. In autumn, we can hug our scarves. In the autumn is not cold, in the face of the autumn wind stroke, scarf is symbolic to resist, posturing around. Some people say that people like scarves are a bit narcissistic, because wearing a scarf face appears more clear, can better adjust the perfect face, or foil makeup, so only love their own people can wear the beauty of the scarf. Even in a chill autumn, also want to wear sleeveless, collarless unlined upper garment, with scarf with clear dress up, this autumn fashion in the popular outfit. As long as surrounded by dazzling color, soft and warm scarf, not only can drive away the cool idea, but also can write the scarf different style expression. Or play cool, or gentle but person, scarf magic is so magical.
Scarf tying: hang the scarf folded into proper width from the front to the neck, and then wrap the scarf around the chest after crossing the neck at both ends. This can make the style of ordinary scarf shape, in the overall matching effect will give a person a fresh feeling. This scarf will make the neck slightly fluffy, so when matching coat, to stand up the collar, tie the scarf in the outside, so don't look bloated.
Scarves can keep cold winters from getting cold. A long scarf around the neck can not only show the static elegant, also can reflect the dynamic water gentle, around the long scarf let women express ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings.

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