Hajj Clothes

A specific garment used in Islamic hajj service. In Islamic five pillars of Islam ( prayer, prayer, fasting, zakat and hajj ) ritual occasions, Islamic clothing mostly uses the national clothing of Islamic countries. Men are mostly head wrapped in white cloth Baotou, or wear a variety of shows the race, identity, status of cap, wearing a coat, robes ( cassock ) or coat. In the imperial service, pilgrims shall wear hajj clothing, namely Haji clothing. Man wearing no seam of two white cloth, a picture of about 2 meters long, put on the shoulder covering the upper body, said da; A picture about 1.5 meters long, around the waist to cover the lower body, said zagreb. Women wear black, white, grey and other plain cloth gown, some wear a cover or veil. Before Muslims reach the holy land to choose a clean place, clean body and change clothes, so Haji clothes also known as the ring.

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