Mid-length Dress

Skirt, mainly refers to women's nakedness. What people usually say about skirts is that they exist in an independent form. But sometimes also the lower half of the dress. Usually from adult women to girls are worn. As an exception, there are Scottish men wearing pleats of equal length.
Skirt is a kind of clothing around the waist below, mostly for women. Skirts are two basic forms of underclothing ( the other is trousers ). It was the earliest human costume. Because of its good ventilation and heat dissipation performance, convenient for wear, free movement and changeable style, it is widely accepted by people, especially by women and children.
In addition, government officials and military forces in some countries are no exception. Such as Fiji and western Samoa in the south Pacific and even the president, in formal occasions are wearing plain skirt; And the guards in front of the presidential palace gate wearing a red shirt, wearing a white skirt, skirt along also made zigzag, unique. The kilt worn by Scots is not a climate cause, but a symbol of national culture. Chinese Uighur women wear skirts all the year round.

Lace hollow medium length Dress
Lace hollow medium length Dress

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