Tea With Eight Treasures

The infusion of babao tea requires the addition of boiling boiling water, so that the taste of each shot of tea will change slightly when drunk, because each ingredient releases its unique taste at different times.
When it comes to eight treasure tea brewing, the most worth mentioning should be brewing method in Sichuan teahouse. Sichuan tea division tea is very exquisite, they are a portable a special more than one meter long mouth tap copper pot, there are two trembling red ball, sharp spout to less than 4 cm from the bowl, boiling water is aimed at the cover bowl straight down, that is, fast and accurate, and such as " Su Qin back sword", " rebound pipa" endowed with artistic action, can be called a " rare". Turn up the water along the bottom of the bowl, ingredients by wet evenly, cover the tea cover bubble five minutes to drink. Sichuan babao tea and hui slightly different, mainly
Is in the choice of ingredients, usually according to the order first put rock sugar, then put the Siraitia grosvenorii, then American ginseng, licorice, wolfberry fruit, red jujube, raisins, finally cover ingredients with jasmine tea, put two chrysanthemum. So rushed out of the tea soup color green, and can show you to elegant chrysanthemum. Drink with tea cover to float on the chrysanthemum gently through the first, and then gently sip, first taste is a shallow taste, swallow down after there is a faint scent, taste very good, make people relaxed and happy, that kind of special taste, let a person feel very satisfied. It can be said that babao tea and tea division has become a beautiful scenery line in Sichuan.

The so-called " three fort", in fact, is used to even cover the tea bowl and base plate three head, northwest people called three fort. Tea with this tea set, cover can keep warm, end up tea and not hot. As for the so-called " babao tea", generally by Maojian, fuzhuan tea or pu 'er tea with crystal sugar, red jujube, longan, white raisins and nuclear apricot and other mixed together to drink; Sweet and sweet, and tonic.

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Specialty Bulk Tea with Eight Treasures Babao tea
Specialty Bulk Tea with Eight Treasures Babao tea

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