Specialty Bulk Tea with Eight Treasures Babao tea

Payment Type: Western Union
Incoterm: CIF,FCA
Min. Order: 100 Box

Basic Info

Type: Green Tea

Style: Tea Bag

Specialty: Health Tea

Package: Box

Additional Info

Packaging: boxes

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Product Description

Babao tea, also known as " three teas", is a traditional beverage for hui and Dongxiang people who live on the ancient silk road. Babao tea with tea as the bottom, mixed with white sugar ( or crystal sugar ), Lycium barbarum, red jujube, walnut kernel, longan pulp, sesame, raisins, apple slices, etc., drink sweet and delicious, unique taste, and has the effect of nourishing yin runfei, throat and throat. In Gansu and Ningxia hui autonomous region, to " three fort" bowl bubble " eight treasure tea" to entertain relatives and friends. Drinking babao tea in modern city teahouses has been very common, the Han people also gradually stained with the custom of drinking tea.

Babao Tea

Name: BaBao tea Nickname: Sanpaotai(Three times teas)
Include:Tea, white sugar, medlar, red jujube, walnut kernel, longan pulp Preservative or not:No
Nourishing lung, clearing throat and promoting throat
Sweet and delicious, unique taste
Produced in Ningxia,China


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